Monday, April 22, 2019


Above are some mixed media works I played with for Rocky Neck Art Colony's Big Tiny Art Event.  The paper is Multimedia Artboard.  I love this product for its versatility and flexibility.

As described on Multimedia Artboard website: Artboard is an archival material, which is very light weight, easy to cut, can be used on both sides, and is very durable.  

I ended up sending them 6 small works (not all featured)  6" x 6" in size on this Multimedia Artboard.  I will reveal the tiny art after the event takes place on Thursday, April 26th, at the Studio Restaurant in Gloucester.  (For more details see link under EXHIBITS/EVENTS right)  And working small again was the jumpstart I needed after many weeks of teaching art.  I just ordered more in 11" x 14" and 8" x 8" in white.  Comes in black too.  I found that out by ordering the black in error.

Also, it was lovely to get a recent mention (4/17/19) in the Gloucester Daily Times.  Staff writer Gail McCarthy wrote the article below about the "Big Tiny Art Event."

Tiny Treasures: Art sale and party to benefit Rocky Neck Art Colony

In the world of art, bigger is not always better.

In that spirit, the Rocky Neck Art Colony is holding its second “Big Tiny Art Event” next Thursday, April 25, at The Studio Restaurant, in the heart of this historic cultural district in Gloucester.
Dozens of well-known and emerging artists have created 6-inch-by-6-inch works of art that will be on display at the waterfront establishment. Each $50 ticket includes one of these works of art and dinner. 
One of the organizers, Kathy Archer, said that the fundraiser is a festive way to kick off the spring season.
“We open the doors, and everyone comes in to look at the four boards that have 36 pieces of art on each one, and everyone gets a tiny artwork that goes with the price of entry,” she said. “They are all created by artists that you may or may not know. They sign the back and not the front, so it’s a surprise as to whose work you buy. It’s so much fun. And you can buy additional works of art for $50 apiece.”
Some of the local artists participating are Ruth Mordecai, Barbara Moody, Martha Wakefield, Jason Burroughs and Joan Bediz, among many others.
Thank you Gail McCarthy for the mention!  And best wishes Rocky Neck Art Colony for a very successful event!

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