Friday, April 11, 2014


Back to India and the Mumbai market.  This we visited on our first day and one of the many stops on our cultural tour of Mumbai.  The market and the Mumbai laundry I found the most fascinating for the energy, colors, variety and commerce taking place in such simple ways.

Besides the colorful fruits and vegetables to buy (as you see in these pictures) many other things were offered for sale....

There is a large aviary section and another place to buy puppies.

As interesting as the displays are I also found the overhead tarps protecting the various booths as enticing  in the multiple of colors displayed, the way they softly hung from the rafters and moved in the random breezes..

This is my favorite photo of the market!  

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have been working on several projects at the studio these days.  Each one inspires me to continue working on other projects other media. 

My large circle paintings continue.  This is about 7 ft x 7 ft acrylic on canvas and I think is # 5 in the series.

This was an experiment but has inspired a 20 piece 8 x 8 panel project that will be completed by the end of the month.

A lot of time is spent waiting for the paint to dry so I am also working on a series of small flower paintings (oil/panel) for Hope Gallery in Bristol, RI.

Tell Them My Dreams
10 x 10

Saturday, April 5, 2014


10 x 10

At the beginning of each month I am sending Hope Gallery in Bristol, RI, three paintings.  This is one from my flower series (oil/panel).  Since it has been too wintery to paint outdoors I have been working with flowers these last two months.  My thought is that by painting flowers spring will come. While it may be  officially this sweet season, winter skies and temperatures are lingering.  The good news is my studio looks cheery with all the flowers!

Friday, April 4, 2014


mixed media/paper
30 x 22

My paintings are now available on SaatchiArt a well-known online gallery.  These two paintings I just added.  More paintings from my Journeys Series will be put in my SaatchiArt portfolio in the days ahead. You can also see this series on my website.  

mixed media/paper
30 x 22

Special thanks to artist Jeanne Williamson for sharing information on this site.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Back to my India experience.  I have so many India photos to organize that is why my trip is posted piecemeal.

While in Jaipur this past January I visited a paper making factory.  I love paper so this tour was a treat! It was very cool seeing the entire operation under one roof.  Above in the courtyard are piles of rags

More heaps of rags inside

This seems to be a sorting room.  You can barely make out the head of a woman just to the right above the plastic bags in the foreground.  She is working alone here, squatting on the floor as she sorts.

Not sure but I am assuming this is the bleaching bath.

The dye bath - yum.  In my former life as a fashion executive I visited many US factories from creating yarns to fabric weaving and dyeing.  This factory would not exist in the US today as it is missing multiple safety standards.

Friends & artists Adria Arch and Anne Krinsky were also in Jaipur the same month. Unfortunately we did not  have the chance to meet up.  Anyway do check their blogs on their trip as both have wonderful tales, rich images and experiences to share!

I love the simplicity of the tools!

paper hanging from the rafters to dry

and paper hanging outside - almost looks like the clothes it once was.

paper paradise

Of course our tour ended in the gift shop whre they had products made for several US and UK retailers.  Small world but a very colorful one!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This is not part of Alpha Gallery's show but one Jon did last summer as a demo.  It is representative of the rich paintings in his show Visionary Botanist at Alpha Gallery

This past Thursday, my husband and I finally got to see Jon Imber's show at the Alpha Gallery: Visionary Botanist.  We ran into artist Ruth Mordecai and her husband on their way to see the same show. Jon's exhibit is breathtaking.  I wished I had seen it earlier in the month so I could go back several times as the show closes April 2nd.

From there we hopped over to Newbury Fine Arts as I was intrigued by a red horse painting in their window.  The work is by Jeffrey Terreson.  (His show just ended March 4th.)  They had a few pieces still up of his horse paintings - even more delicious than the one in the window.  I especially liked Twilight.  He works large: oil, encaustic & mixed media.  The gallery owner is very welcoming and showed us a few other artists - now of interest to me.

We then attended the AD20/21 (Art and Design of the 20th & 21st Century & the Boston Print Fair) gala preview at the Cyclorama.  A festive event of art, food, libations and friends.  It was inspiring to see old master paintings along with fresh voices in the various galleries as part of the Boston Print Fair.  Plus I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces in the art world and the opportunity to meet some more gallery owners and other artists.

Yesterday we were inspired to see the photography show at Albright Art Gallery in Concord, MA.  The ballet & break-dance photos by Jesus Chapa-Malacara are knock-outs, as are the meditative landscapes by Barbara Moody.

One of Pamela Ellis Hawks's cameraless images at Trident Gallery

Gloucester was our next destination to attend Trident Gallery's opening of  Rockport artist Pamela Ellis Hawks in her solo show titled Pale Shadows.  Her series of the cameraless images  of vintage dresses and a hostess apron are hauntingly  provocative.  Towards the end of this reception we learned of another opening featuring John Sarkin's work.  The reception was at Law and Water Gallery just around the corner from Trident. Ken Riaf is the owner of this enchanting space.  Seeing Sarkin's delightful and colorful paintings of succulents was a sweet ending to our gallery tour.

Do catch these inspiring shows!

Friday, March 28, 2014


This past Sunday we went to Portland, ME to attend the world premier of Jon Imber's film My Left Hand.  It was a packed auditorium (& sold out) for this screening - part of the Maine Jewish Film Festival (MJFF) held at Portland Museum of Art.  The movie is an hour long and a beautiful story of a courageous artist and family battling a horrific disease.

Jon giving a painting demo last summer in Stonington.

Here is a description from the Maine Jewish Film Festival webpage:

Jon Imber's Left Hand (working title)  DOCUMENTARY

Director: Richard Kane / Featuring: Jon Imber, Jill Hoy
2014 USA / English / 60 minutes

A document of this artist's courageous and sometimes darkly humorous response to a death sentence, a diagnosis of ALS. The film traces his life, his career and his adaptations, switching from painting with his right hand to his left, and then to both hands held at his waist as the degenerative condition progresses. Adversity only makes him more determined to paint, and paint he does: more than 100 portraits in a four-month span.

World Premiere

Richard Kane present for q&a following screening

This film will be shown next in Davis Square at the Somerville Theatre on April 26th @ 12:30 PM part of the Boston Film Festival.  I strongly urge everyone to see this movie.