Thursday, May 24, 2018


Intimate IV
30 x 22

Today I am heading over to UPS to drop off a large box containing this painting.  It is traveling to New Mexico to new owners and people very dear to me.  I am very exciting knowing they love this painting enough to bring it into their home.  This is from my Slip Series started in 2011 exploring presence and absence of a loved one.

Crocket Cove
14 x 14

Crockett Cove is oil on panel created last July while in Stonington, ME.  I spent a few days in one of the many stunning coves painting with fellow artists and watching the tide ebb and flow.  This was in the Near and Far exhibit,  a two person show I did last August with artist K. Velis Turan  at Law and Water Gallery in Gloucester, MA.  

A collector from across the globe bought this. He saw it on the gallery's website!  Searching shipping options I was pleasantly surprised that the USPS offered the best deal to delivery this painting to Tasmania. It took about 10 days to reach the collector and thankfully he sent me an email confirming his delight in the painting.

Dream Catchers
mixed media/paper
30 x 22

Dream Catcher was recently shown in the Contemporary Visions 2018 exhibit at Powers Gallery in Acton, MA.  And I am grateful that the staff of Powers has found a new home for another one of my paintings.  Thank you Powers Gallery!

This painting is part of my Memory Vessels series exploring the ethereal containers that hold memories.  Another interesting coincidence is that the new collector of my slip above is also the same person who introduced me to dream catchers also known as dream snares originating with the Ojibwa tribe.  

Originally these were used as protective charms hung over infants cribs.  I have been researching how dreams and the subconscious affects our retention of memory.  And I have a very large dream catcher hanging in my bedroom to snare any disturbing dreams.  So far this one has worked magically.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I just returned a few days ago from a month long residency at Weir Farm Art Center in Wilton, CT.  This friendly buffalo is not my creation but a symbol of the National Parks Service. Weir Farm National Historic Site, established in 1990, is the only National Park Service site dedicated to American painting.  Since 1998 the Weir Farm Art Center has invited over 200 plus artists from the US and abroad to participate in their residency program. 

 When I arrived on March 1st, there was no snow on the ground.  In fact when I was packing it was 60 degrees in Boston.  I did throw a pair of shorts into my suitcase... silly me. 

I had use of a very spacious studio (all to myself and a space one wants to take home with them) that looked east into the woods and west into the fields.  The trees, sky, birds, wind, and the sun rising and setting was a constant source of inspiration as were the 4 northeaster's we had in March.  Luckily the power stayed on even though all around the area large trees collapsed due to the high winds.

The cottage, steps away from the studio, is very comfortable and cozy.  I loved walking out the door and having 60 acres of nature to explore by foot or snowshoe depending.  Weir Pond became a daily jaunt as the water deep blue one day and glazed by ice the next called to me.  Each of the four snowstorms  refreshed the landscape in creative ways and being there by myself allowed me the time and space to witness the magic.   I could not have asked for a better month from Mother Nature.  

Below is an example of my art journal warm-ups.  These continued each morning as a way to center myself in the studio and get ready for a day of painting, experimenting and exploring.  I posted several of these warm-ups on Instagram along with the beginning stages of paintings and my daily wanderings.

My camera, a Nikon D80, was as important a tool as my paints for this residency.  I photographed over 500 images of the natural world to capture not just the large scale but the intimate landscape.  Many of these are paired with small paintings as diptychs.  Some of my paintings are inspired by the landscape and other times the paintings found its partner in the landscape.

Here is one pairing. 

12" x 12" digital photography and 12" x 12" mixed media/panel 2018

Now I just need to unpack, organize, photograph the new work and get back into the studio!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Midnight Dreaming
mixed media/panel
36" x 36"
2017 ©

I am excited to share that Powers Gallery of Acton, MA has found a new home for my painting Midnight Dreaming, mixed media on panel, 36" x 36".  I just delivered the work in the beginning of October so this sale is a delightful surprise.  Thank you Powers Gallery!

In the spring they sold Solstice another one of my large panels also a black and white with hints of color buried beneath (See blog post on 2/9/17) .  Both are part of a series of 12 paintings I started in January 2016.  Three more are now finished with two being delivered to the gallery on the same day as Midnight Dreaming.

The Edge of Possibility
mixed media/panel
36" x 36"
2017 ©

Leaving the Path
mixed media/panel
36" x 36"
2017 ©

Friday, August 4, 2017


Rocks at Low Tide
8" x 8"

Along with the Grey Matter exhibit (please see previous post)  I am pleased to announce my landscape paintings are on view at Law and Water Gallery in Gloucester, MA, this August.  This 2 person show titled Near & Far is "an exhibit of color, shape, and texture with fiber artist K. Velis Turan and visual artist Martha Wakefield."

Please join us Saturday, August 5th from 5-7 PM for a reception at 18A Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA.

K. Vellis Turan
mixed media fiber art

Twenty plus paintings will be exhibited from my plein air adventures capturing the coastlines from Gloucester, MA to Stonington, ME, along with many colorful works from Turan.

Turan's work uncovers the shapes, lines, and colors that define our urban landscapes. She renders steel, stone, concrete, and glass into forceful elements. She is inspired by the architecture and energy of bridges, roads and city skylines.

This show is a visual feast put together by owner Ken Riaf.  He skillfully pairs Turan's mixed media urban landscapes with my wild and rugged seascapes. So do stop in and see this show on view through August into fall.  The gallery is open Saturday & Sunday from 12 - 6 PM or by appointment.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Boy on a Hydrant, NYC
 Michael Seif

I am pleased to present Grey Matter: a curated exhibit, which explores the grey scale through print, paint, sculpture and photography by 9 contemporary artists opening Thursday, August 10th at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.  The Cultural Center is located at 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA. Gallery hours are Thursdays through Sundays 12-6 PM.

This exhibit offers a place to dwell, quieting the drama of color barriers to essential messages, explored through the diversity of singular voices. Words of color are part of our everyday language. Political states are described as colors. Today’s consumers associate national brands by their branding color: red stands for Coca Cola and Target; orange for Home Depot; green equals Starbucks; brown for UPS; and blue for Facebook and Twitter. We can be oversaturated by visual color messages and creative messages often get buried in our Technicolor world.

In curating this show I am joined by eight artists who believe that a lack of color does not mean the absence of visual excitement.  Grey Matter highlights meaning through light, texture, form and imagery. The work of these local and regional artists covers a wide range of disciplines including painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and photography.  This exhibit celebrates the differences and boldness and the expressive intentions of each artist working within a limited palette.  Featured artists include Coco Berkman, Christiane CorcelleLinda PackardJudy Robinson-CoxMichael SeifPip Shepley, Ruth Worrall, Wendy Young & Martha Wakefield.  Please join us at the artists' reception on Saturday, August 12 at 4-6 PM. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

Works by these artists are divided up and paired with novel partners—encouraging a freeform yet cerebral exploration of the show’s theme. Though each artist’s work is very different, this group shares an essential connection in how they approach process and design. The exhibit illuminates not just the work, but also the reasons these artists make what they make. Each medium possesses unique qualities and by juxtaposing this diversity, Grey Matter, offers visual abundance and engages community conversations. The public is invited to join the conversation at two lively, illuminating and free events—a Photo Forum Artists’ Talk, on Sunday, August 20, 4-6 PM & the Paint and Print Artists’ Talk, on Sunday, August 27, 4-6 PM.

GREY MATTER: Exploring the grey scale through print, paint, sculpture and photography.
August 10 – September 10
Cultural Center Gallery, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA
Artists’ Reception, Saturday, August 12, 4-6 PM
Photo Forum Artists’ Talk, Sunday, August 20, 4-6 PM
Paint and Print Artists’ Talk, Sunday, August 27, 4-6 PM

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Jon Imber was my mentor and friend.  Several years ago I met Jon at a workshop he was teaching  through the Concord Art Association.  He invited me to come to Stonington, Maine, that summer and join his workshop of hand-picked students.  That week introduced me to a talented group of artists and now friends.  Since his untimely passing in 2014 due to ALS we all gather each summer in Stonington for a week of painting, sharing our work and honoring Jon. He had a huge influence on all of us.  And we all miss him.

Jon giving us a demo 2013

This year his longtime student and dear friend John Arens has organized an exhibit of our paintings at the RiverSea Gallery in Dover, NH. This will be a first for us to show together.  Jon had wanted to have such an exhibit of his Stonington artists.  

The exhibit will run from April 22nd - June 10th, 2017.  The gallery is at Washington Street Mills, 1 Washington Street, Dover, NH 03820.  On Saturday, May 6th from 6-9 PM the artists will be present. Come join us - we are a lively group and each of us has a unique vision of Stonington and painting in general that Jon helped us see more clearly.  

Jon's demo painting July 2013

Monday, April 24, 2017


I returned home last night after teaching a two day painting workshop at the Rockport Art Association. After a very inspiring weekend working with a very talented group of artists I received more good news. Awaiting me was an envelope and check from Powers Gallery in Acton, MA., alerting  me to the sale of this diptych on paper.  Two full sheets of 300 lb cold press paper.

This painting is titled Meeting You Halfway.  It is mixed media consisting of acrylic, India ink, & graphite & measures 30" x 44".  I am so honored to have this work invited to a new home.  And grateful for Powers Gallery for finding the right one.  Thank you!