Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Powers Gallery
Photo courtesy of Powers Gallery

The Essence of Abstraction show, currently on view at Powers Gallery, continues to draw new art collectors.  I am happy to report that Powers Gallery has found new homes for three more of my paintings.

The Edge of Possibilities
36" x 36" mixed media/panel

My paintings explore the fragility and emotional anatomy of memory.  I am intrigued by how memory has many forms from persistent vividness to fleeting passages to total loss.  Memory has no physicality: we cannot hold it in our hands yet we carry it with us.  It has no weight yet can weigh us down.  We bury it deep inside until a scent, a voice or place conjures it's power to rise.  This exploration of memory is a very personal journey so having interested collectors of my work is a high honor.

The Things We Carry
8" x 8" mixed media/panel

I work both big and very small.  My mixed media consists of acrylic, India ink, crayon, graphite, marker, cold wax medium and oils.   

Spirit & Soul
6'x6" mixed media/panel

Thank you Powers Gallery and collectors.  I am exciting these three paintings have found new homes.