Thursday, May 24, 2018


Intimate IV
30 x 22

Today I am heading over to UPS to drop off a large box containing this painting.  It is traveling to New Mexico to new owners and people very dear to me.  I am very exciting knowing they love this painting enough to bring it into their home.  This is from my Slip Series started in 2011 exploring presence and absence of a loved one.

Crocket Cove
14 x 14

Crockett Cove is oil on panel created last July while in Stonington, ME.  I spent a few days in one of the many stunning coves painting with fellow artists and watching the tide ebb and flow.  This was in the Near and Far exhibit,  a two person show I did last August with artist K. Velis Turan  at Law and Water Gallery in Gloucester, MA.  

A collector from across the globe bought this. He saw it on the gallery's website!  Searching shipping options I was pleasantly surprised that the USPS offered the best deal to delivery this painting to Tasmania. It took about 10 days to reach the collector and thankfully he sent me an email confirming his delight in the painting.

Dream Catchers
mixed media/paper
30 x 22

Dream Catcher was recently shown in the Contemporary Visions 2018 exhibit at Powers Gallery in Acton, MA.  And I am grateful that the staff of Powers has found a new home for another one of my paintings.  Thank you Powers Gallery!

This painting is part of my Memory Vessels series exploring the ethereal containers that hold memories.  Another interesting coincidence is that the new collector of my slip above is also the same person who introduced me to dream catchers also known as dream snares originating with the Ojibwa tribe.  

Originally these were used as protective charms hung over infants cribs.  I have been researching how dreams and the subconscious affects our retention of memory.  And I have a very large dream catcher hanging in my bedroom to snare any disturbing dreams.  So far this one has worked magically.