Saturday, June 14, 2014


With many of the artist at 1165 Mass Ave we will be in the show: The Schwamb Mill Artistry & Craftsmanship Today!

This was organized by artists Mark Luiggi with assistance by Adrienne Laundry.  The show opens on Saturday, June 21st, with an artists' reception that day from 2:30 - 4:30 PM and it runs until Saturday, September 6th.  There will also be a closing reception on September 6th from 2-4 PM.

There will be 15 artists with studios in the building at 1165 Mass Ave exhibiting from my studio mate Wendy Young, neighbor Christiane Corcelle, Ellen Wineberg and Rick Berry.  So it will be a eclectic, energetic show!

I will be showing my mixed media painting titled If I Leave Now, in this exhibit.  This is mixed media on paper measuring 36 x 28 inches framed.  It is from my Journey Series.  To see more of this series please visit my website.

I hope you can stop in and see the show - viewing hours are Tuesday & Saturday 11 AM - 3 PM.  This unique historic building is located on 17 Mill Lane off Lowell Street in Arlington, MA.  Tel: 781-643-0554.  

Friday, June 13, 2014


While finishing the painting "Scribbles" I also worked on this painting too.  (See my last post on the other "warm-up," exercise painting.)   This was started last June but became buried under a pile of finished paintings.  Since then it has been hanging out at the studio waiting for attention.

This is on paper, mixed media consisting of mostly watercolor with graphite and acrylic too.  The size is 30 x 22 inches.  The middle part, as seen above, was to opaque, boring and flat.  So I played with line, removed the opaque layer (add water!), stamped, added more paint and scraped.

These photos are just reference photos, not high quality images, that I took w/ my phone while the painting progressed in the studio.  

I am glad I returned to this one even if it took a year.  Sometimes things need to just be before changes occur.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Watercolor, Graphite, India Ink, Caran d ache Crayon
40" x 52" paper

I declare this painting I referred to as "scribbling" is work on paper I started last fall as a exercise in mark-making.  I posted about it on November 19th (2013) and even earlier as it developed.  Here are some early studio images below.  I worked on these two sheets on and off over the last few months and finished it yesterday at the studio.

early stages

I  take reference photos of my paintings in process as I like to view them once I get home from the studio.  Looking at the work on my computer screen gives a fresh perspective and an opportunity to see the problem areas.

middle stages

Also painting as just an exercise helps me transition after I have completed a body of work.  I am about to start a new series of work...stay tuned.  And thank you for checking in!