Thursday, June 5, 2014


Watercolor, Graphite, India Ink, Caran d ache Crayon
40" x 52" paper

I declare this painting I referred to as "scribbling" is work on paper I started last fall as a exercise in mark-making.  I posted about it on November 19th (2013) and even earlier as it developed.  Here are some early studio images below.  I worked on these two sheets on and off over the last few months and finished it yesterday at the studio.

early stages

I  take reference photos of my paintings in process as I like to view them once I get home from the studio.  Looking at the work on my computer screen gives a fresh perspective and an opportunity to see the problem areas.

middle stages

Also painting as just an exercise helps me transition after I have completed a body of work.  I am about to start a new series of work...stay tuned.  And thank you for checking in!

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