Monday, March 27, 2017


Fragments of March: Chance of Snow
mixed media/paper 22" x 30"

My studio warm ups progressed from inexpensive drawing paper to full sheets of 300 lb cold press paper.  On this heavier weight paper I played with making marks in India ink, graphite, charcoal, crayon and acrylic - all in the rich dark color of black.  The titles bear witness to this transitional month hovering in winter daring not to cross over to spring.

Fragments of March: Cloudy
mixed media/paper 22" x 30"

I worked on the floor - a welcome change from standing at the easel.  The paper gets rotated several times as I paint so there is no standard orientation.  

Fragments of March: Showers
mixed media/paper 22" x 30"

As of Saturday these four are now at Powers Gallery in Acton, MA.  

Fragments of March: Storm Warnings
mixed media/paper 22" x 30"

They compliment my large panels with this one waiting patiently on the easel.  

acrylic/panel 36" x 36"