Friday, April 12, 2019


Last Tuesday, I finished 12 weeks of teaching painting.  My classes consisted of Expressive Watercolors, Alchemy of Color I and II, Embrace the Sketchbook and landscape based Power Painting and Dynamic Colors.

I taught series of classes and one-day workshops at Concord Art, Cambridge Art Association, New Art Center and a private club in Boston.

Studio at New Art Center

New Art Center has a wonderful large studio space.  With a full house of 12 students we still had plenty of room to work.

Artist's value study in watercolor

Many artists embrace the versatility of watercolors and the value of doing a black and white painting.  Another fun workshop was my first Embrace the Sketchbook at Cambridge Art Association.  See my post Thursday, February 21st.  This is a class I hope to expand on and teach again

Watercolor class

Artist's color study.

Alchemy of Color I and II are challenging yet rewarding classes based on the feedback from many artists who ave taken these classes.  I teach the properties of color and the magic of mixing in Alchemy I.  In the next session, Alchemy of Color II, we explore color in depth putting many of the principles to practice by painting a still life each week.  Homework is always assigned.

Artist's homework in Alchemy of Color II

Endings are bittersweet for me.  While I am looking forward to spending time in my studio, I will miss the many wonderful artists I had the opportunity to work with.  Each artist brought a unique voice as well as an inspiring drive to pursue their art.   I am grateful to all of the artists who enrolled in my classes and the time we shared pushing paint.  Thank you!

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