Wednesday, July 4, 2018


at my studio
photo credit: Pip Shepley

I am very excited to be included in Boston Voyager's section on The Thought Provokers: Celebrating Artists and Creatives.  Of course this article ran on June 4th and I am just getting to blog about it now.  Still a month later the excitement continues.  You can read the full article by clicking here

The editor, Ed Clark, contacted me about one of my daily studio warm-ups he saw on Instagram.  It is always rewarding to know one's work even a warm-up of mark making can resonate with an audience.  These are an important part of my studio  practice.

The top photo was shot in my studio by photographer Pip Shepley, also my husband.  I am not comfortable having to "pose" but pose I did and having the company of a painting in process helped.

Since this article was posted online I have been to France, spending a week in Paris, then two weeks at an artist residency in the countryside and a few more days back in Paris.  We just returned Monday, July 2nd.  Jet lag and culture shock are slowly dissipating.

I will be posting about my trip in the days to come.  France is a very inspiring country and will feed my creative soul in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime I am grateful to Boston Voyager and the editor Edward Clark.  Check out their informative, hip online magazine and meet other thought provokers in the Boston area.

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