Monday, December 10, 2012


My first week at Vermont Studio Center I worked on these paintings.  Each square is handmade paper I get from Taos, New Mexico.  It is a dream to work with.  My new series has to do with memory.  I am still in the exploring stages of this subject. 

For this series of 12 paintings, each about 9 x 9 inches and mixed media, I collaged pieces of old road maps and then applied watercolors and acrylics.  Some areas of a map are clear like the focused recall  of a past event while other areas are obscured like those vague recollections that might haunt one by their elusive nature.  The road is what binds them, linking them like photographs and journals help us to remember.

This image I took with my small digital camera.  Better images will be taken.  I did not continue to work in this size but I did used the road map in some larger works still exploring memory.  These will posted this week.

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