Thursday, December 13, 2012


My road map painting initially started out as two sheets of 300 lb., 22 x 30 cold press paper.  A couple of old road maps were torn up and glued in place.  I was thinking of starting my own global view of the world. 

Once I started painting I decided to just work on one sheet.  This is the under painting.  I built up the layers of blue, obscuring the maps, and added more spots of reds & orange. 

Using my new favorite brush, a four-inch speedball foam roller, I built up layers of opaque, semi-transparent and transparent paints using some of my favorite colors from American Journey.  American Journey is Cheap Joe’s brand of watercolors.  It is a top rated brand and comes in 37 ml and 15 ml tubes. 

For this process my favorite colors are Getz Grey, Coastal Fog, Sag Harbor Blue, and Payne’s Grey. I would let each layer dry. I worked on this and the other half of the original collaged map. These paintings spent a lot of time just hanging on the walls. And that became an important part of the process.

It was a week before I added more Payne’s Grey and hid the bit of map on the left.  Then after more studying, I flipped this painting 180 degrees. 

American Journey is my favorite brand of watercolor paints but I am not paid to endorse this brand nor a representative of Cheap Joe's.  I just like to share this information and the fact this brand offers 37 ml tubes.  For my way of painting it is a very good thing. 

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