Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Everyday in my VSC studio I did warm up paintings.  I divide a full sheet of 300 lb cold press paper into 9 sections with tape.  With watercolors and my 1 inch Skipper brush I play with shapes and colors.  After painting a few sections the house image emerged so I explored that theme further. 

When this sheet of paper is finished I cut the 9 images and pin those I like to one of my studio walls.

By the end of the month my wall looked like this. 

This is a exercise I do daily.  Sometimes it maybe the only painting I accomplish in the studio, but it is rewarding in many ways.  This allows me to experiment freely with colors, shapes, line and composition.  In the end I always discover something I want to explore further.

I use American Journey Watercolors from Cheap Joe's.  This is a high quality paint available in 15 & 37 ml tubes. My painting style uses a lot of paint so I love the fact this brand offers large tubes. I promote this brand only because I like it - there is no monetary reward.   

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