Friday, December 18, 2009


Tuesday was my last drawing class at the Museum school.  Fourteen weeks later it is all over.  We spent the time eating, drawing, drinking and chatting in a festive holiday spirit. And we did talk about books too.  The latest one is The Red Book and no this is not another book on color and is available for a small sum of $195.00.  The full name is The Red Book of C. G. Jung: Creation of a New Cosmolgy.  The illustrations alone are a fascinating chroncile of the private life of Jung.  He worked on this tome during a 16 year period.  I have yet to see the real McCoy, but am very intrigued to peruse a copy just to look at the pictures.  Currently the book is on display in NYC in a special exhibit at the Rubin Museum of Art until mid-February.  Another good excuse to go to NYC.  So I have a ton of drawings from this class, all of faces that once I thought I could never capture on paper.  And I have yet to purchase a book from this fascinating class of introductions and recommendations but I now have a better education in the diversity and talent of artists to know and study and a decent pile of drawings.    

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