Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday, for the first time, I visited a friend's studio.  The studio is in a beautiful old brick building in a nearby town.  Close enough to be geographically desirable yet a fair distance to be away from the home front and all the demands that place holds.  The building is slightly set back from a major street and you would seldom notice it driving by.  Finding it reminds me of the Harry Potter stories where those young wizards crash through the train platform walls and enter into a magical world.  The studio is on the top floor and upon entering I am filled with awe.  Sunlight comes streaming through the large windows. The ceilings are unreachable.  The walls are a mixture of brick and white panels decorated with finished work, art in process and inspiring finds.  This would be heaven for this artist.  We spent two hours that seemed like minutes talking and looking at the work and the tools of the trade.  I could have stayed all day soaking up the spirit of the space, the light, the views from the windows, the quiet and the work.  I left renewed about this path I have chosen.  From there I had to go to Macy's at the Burlington Mall.  From long traffic lines, a overflowing parking lot, aisles crammed with glitzy merchandise that will soon tarnish in appeal and mulitudes of anxious shoppers rushing about-- my morning mood simply vanished.  Oh to be Harry Potter.

To protect the identity of the place these photos are from MASS MOCA

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