Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am reading "Wolf Kahn Pastels" by Wolf Kahn.  Besides his amazing talent as a painter he is a gifted writer.  I would highly recommend reading this.  In discussing one's work I like what he has written:  "The moment you know how to do certain things, you should by right stop doing them.  You would be ceasing to search and starting to perform.  You would become your own expert, and your art will become an exercise in self-congratulation....We must try to keep all things in suspension so that the possiblilty of revision or the space for new insights remains ever present."   

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  1. Cant agree more - He is not only a awesome painter , and quite an educated man but a gifted writer and actually a pretty funny speaker at that..but ultimately his use of color and ability not to overdue a painting is totally top notch in my book..Nicholas