Saturday, October 25, 2014


I have been working away this month with a focus on my mark making.  Here is a finished painting on 2 sheets of 300 lb cold press (30" x 22") paper using acrylics, graphite and India Ink.  Below is the story of its humble beginnings in the studio.  These photos were taken as reference images only so are shot under less than optimal conditions.  However I find it helpful to take photos of my work's progression as I like to study them on a computer screen once away from the studio

Above is the start with India ink scribbles.

While it is a double panel painting I tended to work on one panel at a time on the easel.  I then transferred both to the floor and worked on it there ala Helen Frankenthaler.  The different viewpoints help me to study it with "fresh" eyes.  I also like to view the work upside down.

This was a process of building and burying elements.

As you can see it went through many transitions.  I do like the finished piece (at the top) and I also  like working with acrylic paint again.  This is a plus as I cannot use oils in my studio due to the lack of proper ventilation.  

More new work to come in the following days.

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