Friday, March 28, 2014


This past Sunday we went to Portland, ME to attend the world premier of Jon Imber's film My Left Hand.  It was a packed auditorium (& sold out) for this screening - part of the Maine Jewish Film Festival (MJFF) held at Portland Museum of Art.  The movie is an hour long and a beautiful story of a courageous artist and family battling a horrific disease.

Jon giving a painting demo last summer in Stonington.

Here is a description from the Maine Jewish Film Festival webpage:

Jon Imber's Left Hand (working title)  DOCUMENTARY

Director: Richard Kane / Featuring: Jon Imber, Jill Hoy
2014 USA / English / 60 minutes

A document of this artist's courageous and sometimes darkly humorous response to a death sentence, a diagnosis of ALS. The film traces his life, his career and his adaptations, switching from painting with his right hand to his left, and then to both hands held at his waist as the degenerative condition progresses. Adversity only makes him more determined to paint, and paint he does: more than 100 portraits in a four-month span.

World Premiere

Richard Kane present for q&a following screening

This film will be shown next in Davis Square at the Somerville Theatre on April 26th @ 12:30 PM part of the Boston Film Festival.  I strongly urge everyone to see this movie.

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