Friday, March 21, 2014


I am back in the studio and have 20 8 x 8 panels to prep for a new series.  They require a few layers of gesso.

After 2 coatings I needed to sand them and was prepared to go outside, wear a mask and sand.  The lack of sun and a warm temperature was a bit of a deterrent to be outside for what I was anticipating a long while.

So my new studio assistant solved the problem of a long afternoon and set me up with a new toy: a drywall vacuum sander with hose. The hose attaches to the dry/wet vacuum sucking up the fine residue and makes a smooth surface very quickly.

Two blocks with clamps at the edge of the table creates a convenient holding area for the panel for easy sanding.

With this assistant I was able to quickly go through the pile of panels, add two more coats of gesso and once dry, begin again.  My studio assistant I can only afford to hire for about 5 minutes on certain days but this little assistant works like a dream.  Both are worth the expense

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