Saturday, March 3, 2012


Free Ball from Kim Bernard's exhibit Stuff Moves/Press 

Last night my husband Pip and I, with our friend Margot Stage, went down to SOWA for First Friday where the galleries are open later.  It was the first month of this year that we were able to attend and we are very glad we did as there are some exciting, inspiring, creative shows to see.

Stand out exhibits for us are the following:

Catherine Evans: Copius at the NK Gallery

Gary Duehr: No Man's Land at the Bromfield Gallery

Donald Kelley: The Red Drawings at Soprafina Gallery

Ars Libra exhibit of Lisa Vershbow's Paper Dresses Adorned: Paper Sculpture & Jewelry

And Boston Sculptors Gallery Kim Bernard: Stuff Moves/Press and Liz Shepard: Up & Out

Be sure to get there asap as not all shows are open through the end of March. 

And an upcoming show to add to your calendar will be Margot Stage and David Crane: Fibrous Forms at Brickbottom Gallery  March 11- April 8, 2012.

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