Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here are some more sketches of my scissors that went through many transitions.  The yellow/green painting above was to "sweet" so I had to transform this pair of shears to the dark side.  At least that transformation energized my day in the studio.

This painting started out using blues in transparent washes.  Adding lots of color marks and scraping back into the paint gave this one the needed kick.

This one (below) started out as a ground of yellows in transparent washes like the painting of blue washes above.  Many layers of paint are piled on obliterating the washes but still retaining an inner glow. 

All of these are watercolors on 22 x 30 inch 300 lb CP paper.  These photos are also taken as "sketch references" under none professional lighting with my little but ancient digital camera.  My photographer is hard to book these days.  When I do get an appointment with him I will post my images compared to the professional photos just to see the difference in quality. 


  1. Love the intense moods yoy are creating!

  2. Thanks has been interesting what comes up in the studio. Hope your work is going well too. best, Martha