Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For this month my 2011 resolution is to play more with painting.  Note: my resolutions are only on a month basis.  I took some paintings I no longer liked and gessoed over them.  That was a very enjoyable task.  For this work I am inspired by a orange tank top and a photo of a street scene from my travels to Beijing a few years back.  My plan is to paint, experiment, paint, evaluate, paint and if needed gesso again over it all.  These are the first explorations on 12 x 12 and 14 x 18 canvases using acrylics.  The photo quality is poor as I am using my simple digital camera that can only record at a very low resolution and the available daylight/room light.  Seeing the work in a different format (no matter what the quality) also helps me to better evaluate the painting.

The other fun part  about this work is that I have been emailing the images to an artist friend in Maine and we been critiquing/discussing the work.  My friend has provided valuable input and the feeling of working in a vacumn disappears.  So far this has been an easy 2011 resolution to stick too.

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