Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last Saturday I took this workshop called "Not Your Mother's Acrylic Paints," at the Arlington Center for the Arts.  I would highly recommend this workshop.  It was an extremely informative day spent with Golden Working Artists Adria Arch and Patti Mollica.  From 9 AM until 4 PM they introduced us to Golden acrylic paint lines and new gels, pastes and grounds.  (Above is one of the displays they had featuring the many products.)  And we had plenty of products to play with.

 I am a long time user of Golden's Heavy Body acrylics but now I am adding the Open acrylics (slower drying time - yeah!) as well as Airbrush (like India Ink!) to my palette.  The grounds we were shown also offer new surfaces for furthur explorations especially Fiber Paste, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Acrylic Ground for Pastels and the Molding Paste as a ground.  Also very cool is the Black Mica Flakes and the Glass Bead Gel.  Adria and Patty know the products and provided a ton of information and food for thought.  Our heads were swimming by the afternoon. We all walked away with greater appreciation and understanding for the array of  products and their versatility--plus a very long shopping list .

Here is a sample of two boards.  This is Fiber Paste Ground where I applied heavy body & airbrush paints, and the very cool Black Mica Flakes (upper left).

This is Soft Leveling Gel with Fluid acrylics applied wet on wet along with Black Mica Flakes.

I now have other boards from the workshop with Golden's products. These make great references. 

Adria is also planning seminars in the area so check out the Golden website and attend asap if you can not get into this workshop.  Also check out Jeanne Williamson's blog about this day as well.

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