Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last week I signed up for the webinar: "Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Collaborating with Artists," sponsored by the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and conducted by Sheri Mason, Esq., Director of Legal Services at the VLA.  It was a valuable and informative one hour lecture.  First Sheri reviewed what is copyright (which every artist needs to know), what is copyrightable, the bundle of rights and who owns the copyright.  It is important as an artist to know if one ever enters into a collaboration who owns the work.  The top mistakes to avoid covered in the lecture are: ignoring copyright consequences, miscommunication and how to avoid it, understanding your relationship and what it means concerning your art, not finalizing your agreement and the pitfalls to avoid when using pre-existing works.  I would urge any artist who is considering a collaboration (or even needs a refresher course on copyright) to contact the VLA or check out the Arts and Business Council's website to see if this seminar will be offered again.  It is time and money well spent.

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