Friday, November 6, 2009


Sometimes it is not the brand new art book that is most desirable with it's crisp clean pages, high end printing, stiff spine and being the first viewer to explore the magic inside.  Sometimes the book most desired is the one explored with such devotion it is barely contained.  The spine is broken, the pages tattered and loose, numerous Post Its and torn paper mark important passages and its disheveled self holds mystery and magic of inspiration, of great art not frequently seen, and examples of mastery and execution within an artistic passion.  Such a book I have seen the last few classes.  This one is The Art of Responsive Drawing by Nathan Goldstein.  The sixth edition is now available but it is the edition that our professor owns that is most intriguing as it is this example of a well loved used book just described.  He uses this fine edition to teach, to inspire, to help us think about our drawing but we also get an inkling into the spirit of another artist and that too is truly inspiring.

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