Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I went to see the InsideOut Show at the SMFA.  I got there about 1:30 PM.  Paintings had been sold and the walls refreshed with new ones and more paintings were being purchased while I was there.  Refreshingly the energy of consumerism was in the air (the MFA also set up a small gift shop) and a steady traffic of viewers were cycling  through.  A worthwhile show to see for many reasons.  It is an interesting mix of well known artists along with local knowns and yet to be discovered.  The range of work runs from (as we say in retail on assortments) good, better and best with typical imagery along with technically skilled to wild streaks of creativity.  While I did not see my submissions on the wall, at least my unframed pieces were hanging out in the bins.  By going through the binned work I learned that one does not have to spend hours carefully cutting mats for the work as most are submitted unmatted.  Good to know!  From there I went to Cambridge to see 1/2 of the RED show at University Place Gallery.  (And full disclosure here my work was not accepted in this show).  There are some stand out pieces and some I have to question why...but okay.  And I will see the other half of the RED show at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery soon.   And again lesson learned or a is many things and one must honor the process and the spirit of the work. 

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