Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last week I received a call from an interested party who had seen my work locally. This person wanted to buy my painting but was not sure how to go about it.  There was no information at the exhibition space nor anyone there to talk to about purchasing - a missed marketing opportunity for a non-profit organization.  I was surprised and pleased that this potential buyer took the time to contact me.  How many people make this kind of effort to purchase art?  I too could not get anyone on the phone so I drove there in search of information.  I met an empowered employee and passed the contact name and number on to my potential buyer.  Last night this still interested person calls me to say  no one can be reached at the organization: "no one answers the phone."  Again, today, I drove there and while the go-to-person was not in yet a friendly volunteer tried to assist me even though she too did not have the information.  This is what artists (and non-profits too) are up against...missed opportunities for sales and good will, a failure in communication, convenience and customer satisfaction.  The ARTS suffer and we artists suffer along with it.

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