Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A friend and artist offered me some watercolors that she had received by mistake.  I accepted thinking it was a couple of tubes and after making sure she really didn't want to keep them.  I was surprised by the generosity of this gift.  This was not just a couple of tubes but several and all are exciting fun colors like Leaf Green, Horizon Blue and Jaune Brilliant #2.  When it comes to art supplies I am a hoarder.  Everything else in my house, except for family and pets, gets edited and sent packing.  This is due to living for several years in a New York City studio apartment where one learns to perform spring cleaning  in all seasons.  But art supplies are a different matter.  They may sit for months in my studio waiting for attention.  They are emblematic of "what if " and "someday" and also, like a new toy, they ask me to play.  So my friend if you are reading this I thank you for this generous gift of new shiny toys.

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