Monday, November 23, 2015


On Wednesday, December 2nd, I have been invited to give a painting demo and talk at Concord Art.

Lily Pond & Dark Woods
10" x 10"

My talk is titled Abstracting Nature:  

Wakefield is an energetic painter, abstracting the natural world with expressive color and mark-making. She works in oils on carefully prepared panels. To create luminosity, Wakefield utilizes many tools in addition to the brush, which she uses to both apply and scrape away paint on the surface. Wakefield will discuss her tools, preparing her panels, and her process—simplifying the subject to create a personal expression.

Wild Beauty
8" x 8"

The fun starts at 10:30 AM until 12:20 PM.  Please join me for an art-filled two hours.  Concord Art is located at 37 Lexington Road, in Concord with plenty of street parking available.  For more information call 978-369-2578 or

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