Saturday, August 8, 2015


I was away for 10 days attending my niece's wedding in Nova Scotia.  Of course the drive to and back took several days of this excursion.  Still it was fun to get away to a stunning landscape and temperamental weather.  And better yet to witness this wonderful celebration of two amazing young people and be with my family.

Wednesday I was back at the studio.  Everyday since has yielded a new painting but still not reflecting any flow or inspiring direction.

Yesterday  I reworked a failed watercolor that I had hosed down.  This can be liberating when working with watercolor.  Luckily it is on 300 lb paper so it can take the abuse.

The painting went through many transitions.  (And please note these photos are really for reference only as I like to look at my painting on my computer when I get home from the studio)

Whether or not it is finally resolved I am content that I had got the painting to this point.  It proved challenging through out the day.  But just painting each day has helped me let go of the anxiety of being away for so long.  And my direction.... soon to be revealed if I keep showing up.  So for now back to the studio!


  1. It was encouraging to read your post Martha. I've been off painting for a while and have today set aside for studio time. I find once we start things begin to flow. It's just starting that's hard. :) You are very dedicated and work hard at your craft. Good job! I've also hosed down many a watercolour. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Thank you Ross for visiting my blog and commenting. Always nice to know there is a big world of support out there as we work in solitude. Best wishes, Martha