Thursday, December 8, 2011


24 x 24

Yesterday I delivered this painting to its new home.  This part of the job is a big treat for me - to meet the buyer and see the house that welcome one's work. Waiting is a watercolor mounted on canvas with cold wax medium applied to the painting acting as a clear protective shield.  By not framing with glass or Plexiglass the colors can reflect their true character. This work was exhibited this past summer at the Rocky Neck Gallery in Gloucester, MA.  I had many interested parties but only if I was willing to negotiate the price.  That I was not willing to do.  I knew someday the right buyer would come along.  Thank you for coming along so soon. 

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  1. Congratulations Martha! It's a lush painting. I like the mystery you create with the opaque colors. I've never heard of the cold wax medium; fascinating! And, double congratulations! Finding a home for you painting without compromising on price! Wonderful.