Thursday, February 17, 2011


I left the studio the other night with a vague feeling I was forgetting something.  And in the late hours of the night I realized I had left an electrical appliance plugged in.  The studio rule is to unplug everything before leaving—a good rule to follow.  So yesterday morning I went to the studio with that mission, unfortunately I wasn't in the mood to work.  Why not?  Numerous other tasks at home calling for attention?  Not having a sense of direction in my work?  Waiting for supplies to arrive before I begin the next project?  These are all valid reasons but are not good enough reasons to not show up.  We've all had those days with office jobs when just showing up was the hard work yet discipline and a sense of purpose would finally overruled.  And most times the desire to work arrives after I begin.  Maybe I just need to subsitute the word "work" for "paint".  I arrived at the studio and saw the plug was unplugged as my studio mate had shown up the evening before.  I didn't need to go to the studio after all but not knowing the status of the plug was my motivation.  And with that I decided to plug in and paint.   

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