Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tonight is the big night. All those movies/actors/directors nominated this year will finally get the answer to who is the best.  After seeing most of the contenders from The King's Speech to True Grit; The Kids Are All Right; The Social Network and Inception, I have decided who should win.  The runaway winner, this year, for an Oscar in the following categories of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor & Actress, Best Sound and Best Special Effects, is without a doubt - winter.  As Best Picture it changes our world. As Best Director it changes our day.  As Best Actor & Actress it consistently surprises us with its presence, moods and ability to play a range of roles from the meek to the powerful.  As Best Sound... can you hear it falling this morning? And as Best Special Effects it reshapes the landscape into a different reality.  So enjoy the show tonight.  I am enjoying the winner now. 


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