Thursday, February 25, 2010


One reason for me to paint flowers is to learn their names.  I know a rose, a daisy and a iris but beyond that I need a label on the blossom.  I brought some scarlet Gerber daisy to the studio and happily the other white flowers (the name escapes me) were still lively but I could not arranged them in a desirable way.  So instead I reworked a floral painting that had issues and then started a new one based on the photo posted in yesterday's blog.  Normally I do not like working from photos and it shows in this second painting.  My printer was out of color ink and low on black ink so the image printed scratchy.  After lots of errors I decided to photograph the painting and study it on the computer back home.   Viewing a painting using other methods helps to the spot problems now glaring on the computer screen. This one needs help.  For one thing I might have stopped before removing the flower from the space between the stem and the leaves. Plus other areas call for attention.  I did bring the Gerber daisy and the white flowers home, used another vase and somehow this arrangement works for me.   I plan on sketching these this afternoon.  And if anyone knows what the white ones are please tell me.

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