Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since re-framing yesterday I decided to do the math on all the elements that goes into presenting the painting in a professional manner.  (As noted in my prior blog I order most of the following items from Documounts.)  This is a worthwhile exercise especially when it comes to tax time.  For a 28 x 36 inch framed package this is the breakdown:.

FRAME: Nielsen metal frame including hardware    $54.04

PLEXIGLASS: (standard)     $23.05

MATBOARD: 6-ply archival 1 sheet (hopefully)   $15.44

FOAM CORE: 3/16th inch archival 1 sheet  (usually)  $8.58

Cost so far $101.31

Plus adding the other essentials of archival linen hinging tape, bumpers, hanging wire and labels which I did figure the cost per inch so add an additional $1.91 and this makes a total of $103.22

One could go on to list the cost of other tools that come into play when creating  but in the final math it is not about the financials is it?  It can't be.  It is about the love of the process and pushing paint around.

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