Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night around 2 AM  I had trouble falling back to sleep. I tried warm milk, reading, and moving the cats to the other side of the bed.  It was a few frustrating hours before I was able to again sleep.  And then I dreamt (separately) of a young Robert Redford and George Clooney.  It was worth those few hours of tossing to interact with these two artists even if it only happened in dreamland.  At least I woke up this morning fourteen minutes before my alarm and definately refreshed.

So my plan for the day was to dash out to Concord to pick up a painting and get back to the studio.  However once on Route 2 there was a huge traffic mishap that had cars backed up in all directions.  Fortunately there were no fatalities and thankfully some miracles did occur.  With the usual route roadblocked we had to detour.  Again another inconvenience that for me became a silver lining.  On my detour I first saw an owl, then a few miles down, the road opened into stunning landscapes that are breathtaking.  Places I am now planning to revisit with my sketchbook, camera and paints in this season of winter and the seasons to come.  So even though my dash turned into a two hour journey I am glad I was made to detour.  So next time you are out think about that road not traveled and take a chance for inspiration.

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