Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since Monday was a holiday we did not have class on Tuesday night.  (This does not make sense to me either.)  So last night I was browsing at the MFA bookstore while waiting for the Robert Irwin lecture to start.  I saw the exquisite new Kandinsky book based on the current exhibit at the Guggenheim priced at only $55.00.  And after drooling a bit over that publication I then leafed through the precious and weighty book of Georgia O'Keefe's Abstractions now exhibiting at the Whitney Museum.  This gem is a mere $65.00.  Worth it if one does not spend the money to go to New York and see these shows.  But really is it worth it to buy the books instead of seeing the actual original paintings on the walls of the Whitney or the Guggenheim Museum?  I keep doing the math in my head (and that may be the problem) and I have to say Manhattan calls.  Besides one could always buy a trinket or two to remember the trip.  What does a postcard go for at these fine establishments?  

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