Thursday, December 22, 2016


This holiday season is always full of wonderful surprises.  My painting above, Black Chemise #8, recently at the Cambridge Art Association small works show, has been invited to a new home.

It is always a joy to have one's work honored by such an invitation. While I am excited by the sale I am more excited knowing that someone that I consider a dear friend and talented artist bought this work.  So my friend many thanks!

This work is from my Chemise series painted in 2011.  It is acrylic on handmade paper mounted on canvas.  The paper comes from Taos, NM.  The series is based on love, loss and what remains.  The remains is my imagination of my mother's soul wearing such a garment when on her spiritual journey during the time of Dia de los Muertos and All Soul's Day.  Black was a color that suited her.

My vision for this series is also based on a wonderful memory  When my mother dressed for an evening out she always wore black, a beautiful red glossed her lips and Chanel # 5 left traces of her as she walked out the door with my handsome dad.  Oh the memory...

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