Sunday, October 2, 2016


Yesterday I delivered eight of my Slip paintings to SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Studio in Walpole, MA.  As soon as I entered the door I was in awe of this beautiful space and positive energy.  SheBreathes is the brainchild of Jennifer Gulbrand and is all about empowering women to love and honor themselves.  

Here is their mission statement:

Promote the importance of self-care for balance, health and wellness and teach women to love and honor themselves.
​Create a welcoming environment for women to gather, learn from, share with each other, grow individually and be inspired by the experience of women supporting other women in search of their own transformation.
Establish a collaborative of professionals in the fields of health & wellness, life balance, education and the arts in order to promote their gifts, and strengthen their connection with the community.
Our Studio at 85 West Street, Walpole, MA, offers a warm, inviting venue for all women.  


The hanging went smoothly under the expertise of Dave Amaral, musician, and the artistic eye of Beth Knaus, writer, art consultant & senior staff member of SheBreathes. 

The large space is serenely welcoming with such creative attention to details from top to bottom that it just invites one to linger forever.  I know I could.  Please check out their offering of classes, lectures, and speaker series all focused on women supporting women. Just being in the space one can feel relaxed and refreshed.  Its truly magical.  

I am so honored to have my Slip paintings grace the wall of SheBreathes this month of October.  Many thanks to Jennifer Gulbrand, Beth Knaus, David Amaral and Elizabeth Hermon who generously promoted my artwork to SheBreathes.

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