Sunday, February 8, 2015


Step off assuredly into the blank of your mind.  Something will come to you.
poet Richard Wilbur.


I love this quote above.  It came from an article on writer Anne Tyler in last Friday's Wall Street Journal.  Worth reading: The Inextinguishable Anne Tyler, Wall Street Journal Friday, 2/6/2015.  

I am a big fan of her writing.  She has her 20th novel coming out soon titled A Spool of Blue Thread.

This quote above, by poet Richard Wilbur, is kept over her writing desk.  I am going to bring a copy of this to my studio.  Another ritual she practices in her craft is giving herself 30 days to come up with an idea for her next novel.  And this practice always works for her.  I have been painting many works on sheets of 11" x 14" paper for the last month and getting  a stack of explorations.  With this I am hoping the idea for a series reveals itself.  Fingers crossed.

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