Thursday, April 3, 2014


Back to my India experience.  I have so many India photos to organize that is why my trip is posted piecemeal.

While in Jaipur this past January I visited a paper making factory.  I love paper so this tour was a treat! It was very cool seeing the entire operation under one roof.  Above in the courtyard are piles of rags

More heaps of rags inside

This seems to be a sorting room.  You can barely make out the head of a woman just to the right above the plastic bags in the foreground.  She is working alone here, squatting on the floor as she sorts.

Not sure but I am assuming this is the bleaching bath.

The dye bath - yum.  In my former life as a fashion executive I visited many US factories from creating yarns to fabric weaving and dyeing.  This factory would not exist in the US today as it is missing multiple safety standards.

Friends & artists Adria Arch and Anne Krinsky were also in Jaipur the same month. Unfortunately we did not  have the chance to meet up.  Anyway do check their blogs on their trip as both have wonderful tales, rich images and experiences to share!

I love the simplicity of the tools!

paper hanging from the rafters to dry

and paper hanging outside - almost looks like the clothes it once was.

paper paradise

Of course our tour ended in the gift shop whre they had products made for several US and UK retailers.  Small world but a very colorful one!


  1. I had no idea you were in India! I have heard great things about the awesome paper making and print making museums there.

    1. Hi Kait! it was a great trip! 16 days and covered a lot of territory plus a yoga workshop. A fascinating country - hope you can get there sometime soon. xox, martha

  2. Hi Martha
    It is transformational to see how things are made. I can't help but think about the wastes and dyes they use and where they end up. I want to touch that paper.

  3. I felt the same way! I hope to post images of the fruit market and the Mumbai laundry soon. Also very cool. Stay tuned. xox