Friday, November 15, 2013


 Day 2 using Golden Acrylic Fluid Acrylic in Titanium White

Close up of day 2 circle - squirting paint directly from the bottle is the best part !

On day 3 (I forgot to photograph) I used carbon black acrylic paint: a mix of fluid and open mixed with acrylic flow release & water and then poured out of a widemouth jar.  Sometimes I feel like a mad chemist mixing everything  to get the right flow.  These are all Golden's products.

A close up of day 4 with another circle of Golden's Fluid in titanium white. 
This canvas measure 7 x 7 ft and is primed with white gesso. Today's  Boston Globe said there are 46 days left in the year.  My goal with this (Circle painting # 4) is to make a circle every day of this year.

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