Sunday, August 28, 2011


We have been soaked with the power of water in a liquid form as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene passes through New England now.  This past Thursday not being an enticing beach day we searched out other venues for water.  And we were richly rewarded with this new exhibit at the Peabody Essex  Museum in Salem, MA where water in it many states is eloquently portrayed.   

The show is Ripple Effect, now on view until April 30th 2012, in PEM's interactive Art & Nature Center.  This exhibit: "highlights water as a medium for artistic expression and hands-on exploration. Visitors encounter water in its different states - solid, liquid and gas - as they investigate artworks inspired by rivers, geysers, snowflakes, fog and more. Water's allure to contemporary artists as a creative medium is compelling, especially in relation to the unique, life-giving properties of this substance we so often take for granted."

Artists, local and around the globe, explore the many states of water.  My favorite is this pictured above - water in a gas state.  It is mesmerizing to watch.  Other exhibits in the same vein also showed the power and magic of water.  Of special note is The Unseen Sea by Simon Christen - a must see video that showcases the majestic beauty of the everflowing natural world. 

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