Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My new series in watercolor is finally photographed.  Now I just have to format and file the images.  This one I plan to enter in the upcoming "The Best of Rocky Neck Members Exhibit".  Deciding on a title for this painting was a challenge and I didn't want to simplify the name to just Figure I or worse Untitled.  Luckily the title revealed itself one night while I was listening to Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto #2 CD recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1994.  Song number 12 - a bonus track - is the inspiration. 


  1. Martha, this is really magnificent. Just love your technique, colors, woman's posture, and my desire to know more about her and what's happening...You're very gifted...Love the painting, below, too. Thank you for sharing your work. Have fun at tonight's opening. Congratulations, again. Evie

  2. Hi Martha, I just received my issue of Palette Magazine and there was this painting! I can hardly wait to read your article. I like your approach and good luck with the Rocky Neck Exhibition.