Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last night I received the email telling me two of my paintings will be in this year's SeARTS loan program at the Bass Rocks Golf Club in Gloucester, MA.  They chose Central Park (here on the left).   This painting is done with watercolor, gesso and graphite on 300 lb paper. The frame size is 36 x 28.  And Westside (shown below) is also the same frame size (only reversed  to 28 x 36) and the same media.  These were painted last summer while I was in Maine thinking of other places I have lived.  Both will hang all year at the stately club house of the golf course.

For eighteen years New York City was my home.  I spent lots of days, all  four seasons, enjoying the magic of Central Park and lived in different areas of the city with my favorite place to inhabit being the upper west side.  Like memories of my former city life,  the email brought a good feeling last night.  No matter where we are in our careers, a note of acceptance of our art is always a good feeling. 

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